Escape From Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson

A fix-up novel formed of four stories that are based around experiences and observations that KSR appears to have made when visiting Nepal. Certainly it’s informed by the spirit of all those “What I did on my holidays” essays we wrote in school; the observation in the stories is very precise. It matched completely the various travellers’ tales I’ve heard about the place over the years, and indeed brought back recollections of those stories for me.

As for the content; well, this is KSR kicking back somewhat, complete with ex-pat dudes and some fairly casual drug use; the stories are best described as Nepalese urban fantasy – yeti wearing baseball caps, Tibetan lamas taking part in guerrilla actions and unmasking corrupt Nepalese officials – and it’s all quite amusing. Some of the blurbs on the cover imply that it’s belly laugh-inducing, but I wouldn’t go that far. One for completists and travellers from distant lands.


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