British electric trains in camera by John Glover

The emu, or ‘electric multiple unit’, is one of the unsung heroes of modern transportation. This is the commuter train, unregarded, unloved and unlovely (most of the time). Without it, major cities the world over would grind to a halt because of the role these workaday trains play in shifting workers in and out of the metropoli.

Too close an interest in such trains could be mere nerdism; they rarely have the same romance as the express train or the quaintness of the vintage branch-line train of former days. Yet they deserve recognition, celebration even. This book is a step in the right direction. It isn’t comprised of stunning, artistic images that show the emu in a new light; but neither is it merely a spotter’s visual check-list. Instead, it is an attempt to portray these trains in their context and to record scenes that can pass into history all too easily unseen. Along the way, some of the images presented have no little artistic merit in themselves. A valiant attempt to show the interest in the everyday.


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