The Sex Column and other misprints, by David Langford

Another collection of Dave Langford’s magazine columns, this time his series for the UK magazine SFX, where he valiantly helped uphold the honour of written science fiction against the tide of tv and films that are the magazine’s usual fare, a battle he fought valiantly until 2016, when his column was terminated by the magazine for unspecified, probably commercial, reasons. Against the howls of derision that flooded into the SFX editorial office (and three of which they actually printed), the magazine managed to make it look as though it was Not Their Fault.

Still, what we have here are Dave’s columns from 1995 to the beginning of 2005. Rather than being book reviews, much to his relief the magazine gave him free rein to discuss pretty much anything he wanted to relating to science fiction, fantasy and related fantastic genre writing. Those who have not discovered Dave Langford’s writing should do so; those of us who know him and his works well will be pleased to see old favourites preserved in a more permanent form.

Despite the title, there is little inside the book that is untowardly salacious. There is a good reason for the title, but I won’t spoil it here.


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